Nina Rose Bailey is the founder of The R.O.S.E. Project. Nina began The R.O.S.E. Project after 10+ years of working in child and family services through government, non-profit, and educational sectors. Recognizing the voids in these places of employment, Nina decided to create her own curriculum to address the needs of young women that these sectors were ignoring. Her main passion is working with girls who may struggle to accept themselves, which in turn creates challenges in developing healthy relationships, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness.   


Nina also has experienced her own share of letdowns, mistakes, and past traumas. Working through them has helped her create balance and peace. While nothing is perfect, and this work is never done, Nina has come to recognize that it is her own story that will help girls develop an environment of empowerment instead of guilt and shame. 


Her goal is to mentor young women and help them to recognize their strengths, even during their time of weakness by having open and positive group discussions, while also engaging in fun and productive activities. 

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

The mission of The R.O.S.E. Project is to encourage young women to develop and grow using our four principles: Responsibility, Originality, Support, and Exploration


Our Goals

  • Providing a safe and comfortable environment where difficult but courageous discussions can be had

  • Promoting healthy relationships between the girls and encouraging them to build a support system 

  • Empowering girls to be potential leaders in their own lives as well as their community


  • Responsibility: Following through personal commitments, holding ourselves and one another accountable, and always taking time to see where we played our role

  • Originality: Having a sense of self and purpose while developing pro-social friendships and strong interpersonal skills 

  • Support: Surrounding girls in a caring, inclusive learning environment. An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system

  • Exploration: Expanding the perspectives of young women to awake their talents and possibilities

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